Everyone is fighting a battle. We, as sympathetic humans, say this consistently. Bad days are relative, and everyone has them. Each of us wrestle demons – seen and unseen – in an effort to continue to put one foot in front of the other each day.

Some battles are private. Some battles are public. Some are momentary and others, unfortunately, last a lifetime. It’s a condition of our fallen world. The battle between good and evil rages and we’re stuck smack in the middle.

I’m 30…on the road to 31. Get it? My life is blessed beyond measure, and not in the hashtag sense. I have an incredible family, amazing friends, a wonderful job and I work continuously to stay connected to God. At this, I fail miserably, I believe. But, I keep trying.

I believe we’re all connected. Everything and everyone has a purpose on this earth. So, I’m here, writing about life and love and loneliness and where we are and who we’ve been and everything we’re waiting for.

Which brings to me what inspired me to start writing tonight: addiction.

I’m addicted to certain bad habits. Laziness. Sloth. Mac & Cheese. Cookie Dough. Nothing immediately life threatening, but sooner or later the high blood pressure and high cholesterol set in and its lights out. I don’t want to get there too soon, not before I’ve given my purpose a real chance at taking its course.

Tonight I came home and was reminded just how minimal my problems really are. My parents came to stay the weekend, and on my bed was a handwritten note from my mom. At the end she wrote, “Come home soon. Mom and Dad miss their little girl.” The incredible love she shows me in unbelievable, and I want to make sure others feel that same kind of love.

Addiction is a nasty thing, and often times turns people into the worst versions of themselves. Bright, loving, beautiful, smart, funny, motivated, gentle, creative, faithful people fall victim to addiction everyday. You’re not alone. You are, with us, amongst friends who understand and fight battles, too.

We, as empathetic fighters, should reach out and lift up, not put down and shut out. Some battles are private. Some battles are public. But no battle has to be fought alone.

You matter. You are loved. You can overcome this. You will beat it.

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