We’re all on the same road, even though our paths are quite different. Curves, bends, straight-aways, switchbacks. The journey is part of the destination.

I started this blog right after turning 30. The title, Road to 31, held double meaning for me as I celebrated such a milestone birthday. I hoped to catalogue my thoughts leading to my 31st year, and, in the process start a discussion with readers on how we can become more similar to the woman written about in Proverbs 31.

Whether you’re reaching for those Proverbs 31 characteristics too, seeking knowledge or maybe just looking for a better way, we are in this together. Life has the same outcome for each of us; let us enjoy one another in friendship and love while we can.

I’m a 30-something Orthodox Christian. No babies, no animals, no spouse – yet. Fueled by a desire to experience the world and all its cultures. I don’t always (read…rarely ever…) get things exactly right, but perseverance is key.